July 6, 2013 Press Release

July 6, 2013 Press Release

Black Water Rising returns with another collection of no frills, angst ridden, riff heavy, rebellion rock. Lead singer/ songwriter, Rob Traynor weaves stories of social awareness alongside crushing grooves, roaring guitars, and infectious melodies. Their second release, Pissed and Driven is the highly anticipated follow up to their self-titled debut album which featured the hit radio single, “Brother Go On.” The anthemic single amassed hard rock rebels everywhere. Rob says, “This album isn’t much of a departure from the first, and that's a good thing!”

Black Water Rising was formed from the ashes of various national touring acts. After releasing two self produced albums nationwide with a band called Dust To Dust, Rob Traynor locked himself away in his Brooklyn, New York recording studio, emerging with a collection of songs that would become the seeds of Black Water Rising’s debut album. Traynor was soon joined by former Boiler Room drummer Mike Meselsohn; guitarist Dennis Kimak and bassist Oddie McLaughlin. They unleashed their self-titled debut record in 2010. The album quickly hit #1 on Amazon’s Hard Rock Chart.

Black Water Rising received heavy airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio's Octane channel for the group’s singles “Brother Go On” and “No Halos”. The album held the #6 slot on Octane’s Top 20 airplay chart. “Brother Go On” also cracked Top 40 on the Media Base Active Rock Radio Chart. As a result of their thundering success, the band played shows and toured with: Hellyeah, King's X, Monster Magnet, Ace Frehley, Joey Belladonna from Anthrax and many others.

Traynor expounds and adds, "‘Show No Mercy’ is an in your face, take no prisoners, Godzilla sized middle finger in the face of those who stand in your way and hold you down. It’s a venom spitting, song of defiance. It picks up where I feel the last BWR album left off... with a positive message of self empowerment and perseverance.”

Rob continues, “The first single, ‘Last Man Standing’ is a heavy groove monster; that faithfully continues the BWR lineage with big riffs and a strong sociological message about the innate human condition of war and our certain descent into oblivion as a failed species bent on eventual self eradication.”

Drummer, Mike Meselsohn adds, “We’re not trying to preach at people... we present an observation because we want people to make their own decisions. We’re somewhat politically based... there’s no way around that... but we feel we represent the majority of people who are just trying to survive today in this crazy world.”

Traynor is focused and full of pure rock fury. He sums up their mission: “BWR’s concept is simple: riffs and rants. Empowering, no frills riff rock written from the point of view of your struggling, average, middle class American slave, fighting the world day to day and reporting on it. Agree or disagree with the message, my goal is to create a bridge to thought. Black Water Rising’s music is bad ass, blue collar, union approved power rock and I’m proud of it.”

BWR is set to release Pissed and Driven on August 13, 2013 via Metalville/ E1 Entertainment.
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