Black Water Rising

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Track List:
  1. The Mirror
  2. Brother Go On
  3. Hate Machine
  4. Black Bleeds Through
  5. Blessed
  6. No Halos
  7. Living Proof
  8. Rise
  9. The River
  10. Sale On Your Soul
  11. Burn It Down
©2008 Capital T Productions
Recorded Mixed and Mastered: Psyclone Studios, Brooklyn, NY
The Mirror

In this world of mass confusion
It's hard to make much sense
You can place the blame on others
As you build a weak defense

You can hold your breath in protest
Till the magic man comes around'
You can hope for resolution
When an answer can't be found

But you will
Blame it on the sun on the moon on the tears we cry
You just remember the mirror never ever lies
Blame it on the man on the plan on those you despise
You just remember the mirror never ever lies

You can hide within your bubble
And hope it all goes by
You can point a judging finger
Yet never even try

when the world was going crazy
Did you ever raise your voice
Or did you ignore the mounting problems
And pretend you had no choice

Brother Go On

Little man get a big plan make a big stand
Better join the fight
Got to rise from those dirty roots if you want the fruits
Got to make it all right
I know it's hard to believe
But there are those who deceive
And they're playing you like a fool
Just a number and slave
From the womb to the grave
Yes the truth can be so cruel so

Go on brother go on
Burn your name across the sky
Make a move before you die

See the man with the current plan well he don't understand
The working man
He will claim he can feel your pain and he will promise gain
But he's the only one gaining
I think it's time to dispose
Of the leaders we've chose
Seems the enemy lies within
We need to make a new start
Before they tear us apart
So set it off brother let it begin

Hate Machine

I know this ain't how you planned it
But now the monkey's got the keys to the cage
They'll be running this circus
By tonight its going up in a blaze
Billions of rejects with a promise of a shiny new soul
Line em up for salvation fertilizer for a freshly dug hole

And their world gently spins off to sleep
As the hole that they dig gets too deep
For the seeds that they plant they will reap
Seems nobody understands

So blinded by faith from a book
Where noone ever bothered to look
For the words were distorted, mistook
By the greed of corrupted men

Hate machine

Hypocritical liars
Feeding maggots from the palms of their hands
Glorious delusions
Of the self indulgent madness of man
Now the beat of the war drum
Has got them dancing like fools to the grave
Fooled by this illusion 
It's from themselves they all need to be saved

Black Bleeds Through

A shadows cast and so is the die
And lies are weaved to hypnotize
No one cares and no one tries
To wash their shame away

And all is not the way it seems
The fool sells his soul to buy his dreams
Got to grease the gears of the greed machine
And watch the sheeple go astray

Black bleeds through
As it grows in you
Just a sacrifice of the willing
Wear the scar if its who you are
Now your black as the heart of a villian

Temple of the setting sun
Know the night has just begun
Gonna steal the light from everyone
And the blind will lead the blind


Look at you look at you your so blessed
God must love you better than the rest

Anything you want or need
Is there for you to feed your greed
Delivered fresh and guaranteed for you

I i know you think life is magical
I know you think your above it all
I'd love to see you take a dive
Cause its not fair your too alive

Look at you look at you your so blessed
God must love you better than the rest

You'd be singing a different tune
If it werent for your daddy and your silver spoon
Reality couldn't come too soon for you

I wish i was blessed like you

No Halos

There's a wrench in the machine
There's a crack on armored souls
Who preach but do not practice
What their good book has sold
Now their truth won't set you free
It's a distorted twisted lie
Firmly anchored in deception
Where enlightenment is denied

Their singing to your heart
While locking chains upon your mind
From the cage of your submission
You claw at what's divine

Ain't no halos
Ain't no halo over anyones head
I don't give a damn what your good book said
There ain't no hope for the sinner no more

There's a wrinkle in the fabric
There's a flaw in the design
On a quest to find salvation
You have fallen from the climb

Living Proof

We can see we can hear
But our eyes and ears remain shut
To the truth from the fear
Cause the truth is way too much to face now

This brutal world will beat you down
Crush your hopes without a sound
All this time you thought you were free
It was only a fantasy that will never be

We're the homeless and rejected
Addicted and infected
Abandoned and neglected
We're the living proof

We're the slaves of those elected
The lost and disconnected
The forgotten disrespected
We're the living proof of the lies

We live and we die
Each bound by common chains
Where we hide in the lie
And feed that which remains our sorrows


Defiance is my name
And my pride is the drive in me
A simple an can rise
Above the lies and hypocrisy

Rise until you crack the sky

No man can break your will
Once your heart has been bitter scorned
A living testament
To the soul that has been reborn

Rise until you crack the sky

Some men are broken
Some men will die
Some live a lifetime
And never try

Rise in me...

The River

Crazy to think that you could break me
With time you’ll see how i’ve become
Greater than the walls you place before me
Erased your shadow found the sun

And all i had to do
Was lift myself up over you
To be the man you could only hope to ever be
That you could never be

Like a river i will flow
Over every stone you throw
As you watch the river rise
You will come to realize
You can’t stop the river

Living with envy hate and saddness
Taking to fill your empty soul
Healing with time i’ve grown beyond you
Lifting myself from out your hole

Sale On Your Soul

Sooner or later we all have to go
We fight for a good seat
And try enjoying the show
Now there's no use in denying
The eventual end
So wear a big smile or at least do pretend

Everybodys dancin round a six foot deep hole
The devils purse is full
And there's a sale on your soul

If i go before you i'll send you a sign
A supernatural transmission
That says everythings fine
Now if i dont reach you do not despair
Just know tomorrow
That soon you'll be there

The sooner you get it
The punch line to the joke
You may live to regret it
Lost like words you once spoke
They say those who are lucky
Live to be old and gray
Decrepit and senial
Like trash thrown away

Burn It Down

This is what i see
A shadow of the man i used to be

I had a heart that shined with hope and light
Too soon to fill with hate and growing spite

Because everything i see in this dark world
The reality of life and death unfurl 

Before my burning eyes i see the truth
The things that burn your soul and steal your youth

And everything around me is closing in
Seems everywhere i run is where i've been

I'm falling and i think i've lost my way
But i'm not giving into this world and its slow decay

Burn it down  burn it down
Wont wait for nothing
I'll start this fire on my own

Time will leave a scar
To mark how insignificant we are

And bitter days will turn to bitter years
Forgotten dreams in time remembered fears

As everything around you falls to dust
Your love of life will slowly turn to lust

The light behind your eyes will dim and grey
The will to be will gently fade away

Now everything around you is closing in
Seems everywhere you run is where you've been

You've fallen and you think you've lost your way
Now are you gonna give into this world and its slow decay

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