Something's Wrong

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Track List:
  1. Something's Wrong
©2010 Capital T Productions
Recorded Mixed and Mastered: Psyclone Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Something's Wrong

Everyone can sense it in the air
The trembling voice of reason is telling us beware

And the world outside is dangling by a thread
Another minute closer to sorrow fear and dread

and everyone knows it wont be long
Something's wrong

And everyone still dances along
To the same old tired foolish song
No it wont be long

Everybody's got an issue
Everybody's hating someone
Why cant we learn to live together
Why cant we see the fact that something's wrong

Theres hourglass running low on sand
Seems our days are numbered time to make a final stand

For the coldest heart there is hope or so they say
Its time to come together or watch it burn away

I wish we had the answer
It seems we havent a clue
Speeding towards total disaster
Evident by the things that we do

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